5 Melville Progress Update—

5 Melville Progress Update

Excellent progress is being made at 5 Melville Crescent!


The conversion of an entire A-listed Townhouse from office to 5nr. luxury apartments is due to complete late April. The building is such an incredibly unique example of Georgian Architecture in Edinburgh – not one townhouse shares the same aspect or layout - it called for bespoke treatments to achieve viable layouts that were sympathetic and subservient to the existing hierarchy of rooms.


The detailing to the First Floor Master Bedroom in particular is a fine example of how LBA have created a contemporary dwelling within restrictive parameters – clear storey frameless glass intersecting the cornice forms the top of a partition which creates circulation space for 2 bedrooms to the rear, without which the current layout would not have been possible. An additional benefit is the borrowed natural light into the main entrance hallway.


As the apartments come together the seamless blending of historic and contemporary design enable the character of the spaces to remain existing.