Commuting by Bike—

Commuting by Bike

I have always been a keen cyclist and have always commuted by bike with a few exceptions where my commute was 20 mile +. At LBA 23% of the staff cycle regularly so I am in good company. Despite the poor road surfaces and shortage of adequate cycle provisions, Edinburgh has the highest level of frequent and regular cycle commuters (15.2%) compared to the Scottish average (6.1%).

Cycling offers a quick convenient means of transport over short distances which in built up areas is often faster than cars or public transport. The majority of the site and meetings attended by LBA staff are within 5 miles of the office and therefore a convenient distance by bicycle.

There are many benefits to cycling to work:

  • Fitness
  • Increased brain function due to activity
  • Saves money
  • Exposed to less pollution than sitting in a car
  • Better for the environment
  • Fun!

There are risks associated with cycling but in the UK has a slightly lower fatality rate than pedestrians. The Scottish climate is also not always favourable to cycling but with the right clothing it is possible to cycle most of the year.

Cycling as a means of transport is growing in popularity and more and more infrastructure is being provided to improve safety. As the level of cycling rises the safety also improves as other road users become more aware. This is best evidenced by the very low levels of cycling casualties in countries with high levels of cycling such as Holland and Denmark.


Written by Mark Lean