Planning Approved for Craigleith Road—

Planning Approved for Craigleith Road

LBA has successfully secured planning for the development of eight 3-storey new-build dwellings with private parking on Craigleith Road. 

Working with Wemyss Properties to develop this site into residential use and continue their brand of modern and design led housing projects, the scheme will add vibrancy to the existing residential area and form a positive street frontage. A high-quality and progressive design approach and use of materials is critical to help create a sense of place and cohesion.  

The site currently comprises of an existing petrol filling station located to the northern side of Craigleith Road. Redeveloping the site into the proposed 3-story dwellings will stand out as a high-quality development, reflective of it's time. LBA believes that the development will enhance the area, which includes a mix of ex-council houses, 1960's semi-detached, detached single storey and high-quality Victorian terraces. 

We are looking forward to taking this project forward with Wemyss Properties.