Emily Anderson— Project Architect

Emily Anderson

Following the completion of Emily’s Masters at the Glasgow School of Art in 2011, she moved to Beijing, China to work with Tsinghua University Design Institute to join their Urban Planning Research and Development department where she developed new city masterplans, landmark public buildings, commercial plazas and smaller scale residential projects across the breadth of China. After four years of research and implementation on site, Emily returned to Scotland to continue and develop her career with LBA.  She successfully passed her Part 3 Chartership exams in March 2017 and is now a chartered project architect.

Emily has a keen interest in furniture, product and contemporary jewellery design, which all influence her architectural design aesthetic. Her most recent venture in her spare time is the renovation of an apartment in a UNESCO world heritage site, restoring the original features back to their original grace whilst implementing contemporary interventions, creating a balanced and considered interior to call her first home!  Now that her Part 3 studies are complete, she intends to pursue her Yachts Master qualification.